Safety Tub in Northwest Phoenix

Nothing Ruins The Calming Effect of a Long Hot Bath Like a Slip in The Bath Tub

While time in the bathtub can be a luxurious and rejuvenating escape, under less than ideal circumstances, slick soapy surfaces can create a serious hazard. Even with the aid of grab bars and slip mats, lifting yourself in and out of a tall slippery tub can be difficult, dangerous and cause you and your family stress from worry. Allow Albrecht and Son, LLC to make your bathing experiences safer and more relaxing again with an installation of the revolutionary Safety Tub®. From the time you turn on the water until the moment you step out onto the bath rug, bathing in a Safety Tub® will wash your worries away and restore peace of mind in Phoenix, Arizona.

Bring Enjoyment Back to The Bath with The Security Only a Safety Tub Can Provide

Safety Tub® is an acrylic or gel-coated walk-in tub that incorporates the ease of shower access with the comfort of a bathtub. You no longer have to struggle getting out of the tub with Safety Tub®'s spa-like seating and T5 hydrostatic access door for easy entry and exit. Once Albrecht and Son LLC installs your new Safety Tub®, you will no longer risk injury every time you to take a bath. With the ADA-compliant Safety Tub® you don't have to sacrifice the luxurious features of a spa-tub for safety. In a basic tub model or accompanied with the jet massage, aromatherapy or chromatherapy package, the Safety Tub® makes taking a bath more enjoyable again. Add the optional shower accessories and you can still have the versatility of a traditional bath/shower ensemble. Revolutionary design technology saves you from getting trapped while waiting for the nearly 80 gallons of bathwater to drain nor will you be in fear of damaging and costly leaks. Safety Tubs'® T5 door sealing is guaranteed for life never to leak and with Minute DrainTM pump technology, water evacuates water up to eight times faster than a traditional drain system. With the touch of a button, the bather is free of the time lost waiting for water to drain in your Phoenix, Arizona bathtub.

The Safety Tub® can make the bathtub experience more safe and pleasant for all bath enthusiasts. Although the Safety Tub® is beneficial to those with mobility challenges, such as the elderly, the disabled or anyone who finds it difficult to get into and out of a traditional tub, the Safety Tub® is for anyone who is looking for a more enjoyable and convenient bathtub experience. With versatile right-or left-hand design Safety Tub® is adaptable to any existing bathroom floor plan. The convenience of a Safety Tub® in your home is just one phone call away.

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As a Safety Tub® dealer, Albrecht and Son, LLC will have you enjoying the safety and the elegance a Safety Tub® can provide in short order. Contact us at 623-933-4312 or use our contact form with any questions you may have.